Aluminum alloy guardrail is an indispensable part of our lives. In the production process, the manufacturer has taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, and strives to prevent rust, wear, corrosion, and sun exposure in the selection of materials and coatings. The correct maintenance and protection can extend the life of the guardrail. Let’s talk about the maintenance methods of aluminum alloy guardrail:

1. The strong sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.(sitting in the heat of the day for several hours, the material does become hot enough to burn if touched)

2. Properly scrub, wipe the surface dust with a soft damp cloth to make it bright and beautiful, and the color is as new.

3. Regarding the dust in the recesses and dead corners, you can use a soft brush to brush off along the gaps.

4. Try to prevent the impact of external force, let alone hit with hard materials, which will cause the surface paint to shell and fall off.

Features of aluminum balcony guardrail:
1. Its corrosion resistance is good. The surface of the aluminum alloy balcony railing is tightly attached to a layer of hard aluminum oxide film. After it is well known, paint is one of the most important processes in decoration, and it is also the face of decoration. What are the paint brands currently on the market? What are the hazards of decoration paint? “Surface treatments such as paint or anodizing can further enhance its protective performance. It is also extremely corrosive, so no matter whether it is in a polluted city or Coastal areas corroded by sea salt can be used with peace of mind, so you can solve your worries about maintenance.
2. With its exquisite and smooth surface, the unique advantages of aluminum can be applied to a variety of different surface polishing techniques, such as paint, powder coating, anodizing, and electrophoresis. The smooth powder coating on the surface prevents ultraviolet light, does not require frequent maintenance and can maintain a bright luster for a long time. Since the powder is durable, there are many colors to choose from.
3. It is light in weight. The weight of aluminum alloy fence is only one-third of iron, steel, and copper, but the hardness is several times that of them. The lightweight aluminum alloy balcony fence is not only easy to handle, but also more transportable. Now a popular commercial construction material.
4. The aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has good safety performance. The balcony guardrail is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, formed by T15 heat treatment, and has been carefully designed. There are no drills, joints, and solder joints on the surface, and the overall strength is great.
5. The overall appearance of the aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is beautiful, linear appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can integrate modern urban space and natural environment, you can plant some flowers and plants to match the scenic spots of the balcony.
6. Its hardness is very high. The hardness of aluminum profile can resist tensile force and greater impact, and its resisting ability is better than other traditional construction materials.
7. It has high practicability, special process treatment, forming a permanent protective film, smooth and flat, never rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.
Of course, the aluminum balcony guardrail is matched with the balcony, which can make good use of the balcony. The comfort of the aluminum alloy balcony guardrail and the beautiful scenery can provide everyone with a comfortable and safe balcony