What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a subject that uses physiology, psychology and other related subject knowledge to make machines and humans adapt to each other, create comfortable and safe environmental conditions, and thereby improve work efficiency.

According to the purpose, elements and functions of the human-machine system, it considers the physical and psychological factors of human beings, and considers the influence of the external environment on humans and machines, and appropriately distributes the functions of the system into two parts of humans and machines, so that humans can operate Simple, labor-saving, accurate, make people's working environment comfortable and safe, make the man-machine system work efficiency the highest.

The width, depth, and height of the lifting table determine the working range and posture . Therefore, we start from the principle of ergonomics and consider the basic scale of the human body, the range of physical activity and the law of motion, so as to avoid inconvenience in operation and easy fatigue at work. For example, if the desk of the staff desk is too high or too low, it will cause fatigue, and the lifting table can adjust according to their comfortable height.

Meeting the most comfortale posture , most efficent to do job .

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